Loc-Nar Productions is a cinematic studio specializing in new movies, serials or transmedial projects, especially of a historical character. The projects will be based in Italy, France, Europe, Eurasia and beyond. Our company focuses on the evolution of new ideas, concepts and build new audiences.   We offer six months internships in Florence as a director and author assistant. You’ll be involved in all faces of film making, this is why we need extreme dedication to our movies and our ideas. Discretion is needed at every moment and minute of your work. You will work in team with experienced professionals in extensive international co-productions. You will support us in the search for subjects and other information around the world, and you will write your own conclusions. You will have excellent language skills in English, French and Italian, and knowledge of any other language (such as Russian) is well received, as well as interest in History and Philosophy. If you are a creative thinker and a passionate writer, we hope to meet you soon!
  • Casting Associate
  • Cameraman
  • Readers: 1 male / 1 female
  • Webmaster

Line producers and packaging: 2 positions

The successful Entertainment Line Producer candidate will be responsible for supporting the Executive Producer and day to day pre-Production efforts of Loc-Nar. The Line producer will also work with Producer to present product placement and integrate sales presentations within the film. The primary responsibility is to oversee and help building the whole package, press kit and artistic bible for our movies.

• Integrate sales presentations and product placement within the show.
• Oversee the ordering of special graphics, and inform production of any creative needs.
• Supervise format and stories’ content.
• Write teases, headlines, log line.
• Budgeting and scheduling of the movie in priority.
• Provide additional duties as assigned by supervisor.

• Minimum 3 years of experience working in production.
• Experience in entertainment magazine style, talk-shows, segment production, artist interviews in a non-news format, is desired.
• Bachelor’s Degree in related field and/or equivalent work experience.
• Degree in cinema production is desired.
• Bi-lingual (English/French) required both written and verbal.
• Must possess strong creative writing skills.
• Must have good knowledge of a various broadcast, digital, and other multi-platforms.

• Interested candidates must submit a résumé/CV through our website to be considered.
• Must have ability to work various shifts including mornings and evening hours regularly, and weekends when needed.
• Must be willing to work in Florence, Italia.
• Must have a valid driver’s license.
• Possess excellent communication, organization and time management skills
• Must have strong computer skills.
• Ability to prioritize multiple tasks and adhere to strict deadlines under pressure.
• Ability to work well independently and be detail oriented
• Possess strong video production, shooting and knowledge of editing platforms.
• Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline driven environment.
• Ability to work with both external and internal clients.
• Demonstrated experience with working with on-air-talent, production crews and guest relations.
• Have an interest in highly intellectual and historic features film.
• Believes that Loc-Nar Productions team effort is the condition to realize the vision of the Director and the Producer and he/she is ready to any effort to make it happen.

Development Department: 1 Assistant

The Development Department is a small division and has full responsibility for bringing its product to completion. Our interns are exposed to all aspects of “making movies” as well as what it is like to work for Major motion picture companies. He/she will be in direct contact with writers, researchers and directors, thus reserved information and absolute discretion is the minimum requirement.

We are searching for creative minded, hard-working and driven candidates for our concept development internship. Over the course of the internship, the intern will learn about Loc-Nar Productions brand and the production process (i.e. creative development, research, etc.)

Intern responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:
Reading and providing coverage for incoming submissions and project drafts.
Research and compile lists / vision boards of potential actors, directors and writers for upcoming films.
Additional support with project-related research for films in creative development.

The intern will gain experience/exposure to the following:
Insight into Loc-Nar Productions brand building.
Learn who the major players (i.e. screenwriters, agents, directors, and studio executives) are in the film industry and their roles in the filmmaking process.
Learn how to analyse scripts and provide notes from a studio perspective.
Learn how the casting process works.

Passion and focus on filmed entertainment.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
Web/tech savvy to monitor and evaluate trending topics, and ideas on social media.
Good eye for creative materials and topics in the zeitgeist, which will aid executives in brainstorming for projects.
Experience covering desks.

• Cinema studies Researcher specialized in: 

• Cinema studies Researcher specialized in:
- Roman Empire
- Second World War 
- History of Renaissance
- Ancient Greek Philosophy
- Napoleonic Empire and French Revolution
- History of Russia
- Screen writing 

Loc-Nar Productions is a creative film studio specialized in historical content for new film, serial and transmedia projects. Projects are based in Italy, France, Europe, Eurasia and beyond. Our company focuses on ideas, concepts and audience development.

We offer a six month internship based in Florence. As the assistant of author and director, and show runner for the latter, you gain insight into the concept development of all our projects so extreme devotion to our films and concept is a must. Discretion is due in every step and minute of your activity. 
You work in team with highly experienced professionals in an extensive international co-production. You support us in the conceptual phase research of subjects and other information with worldwide and write your results self-dependently. You write comprehensive exposés in collaboration with us and support us with the development of stories and film characters.
You should have excellent language skills in English French Italian and any other language skills (such as Russian) are welcome, and a deep interest in history of Philosophy.
If you´re a creative thinker and writer interested in special and new ways of storytelling, we are looking forward to hearing from you soon!

-Roman Empire
- Renaissance History
- Napoleonic Empire and French Revolution
-Second World War
-Filosophy of ancient Greece
-Story of Russia

Casting Associate


Readers: 1 male / 1 female