Episode N°. 1 – The Heirs of Patmos

Plot summary

The fact that MICHEL STIEGBERG has never painted anything that was worthwhile doesn’t keep him from dressing like a dandy. This run down playboy’s workplaces alternate between the French Riviera around Nice and the La-Z-Boy sofa inherited from his mother when she died. His main occupation: walking his old landlady, Madame Bertrand’s dog. Deep down inside, Michel is an aesthete. He is not exactly in love with his fellow men. However, he does adore women, especially very beautiful ones. Next in line come freedom and power. The word “dreams” no longer exists in his vocabulary. The death of a stranger by the name of EDMOND DE HAVILLAND changes his life. Before expiring he implores Michel to make him a promise. From one day to the next, Michel finds himself in Tuscany with a mission: maintain the vow, find the dead man’s heir and consign him his signet ring. Michel encounters a series of unusual characters, from the deceased Edmond’s family, the beautiful ESTHER, to a rogue priest, PADRE FONTANELLA, to the sublimely sexy PRINCESS STEFANIA. Defunct Edmond’s notary, SCARELLI, names Michel head of the family empire 'Icore' that is based on the commerce of contemporary art. Michel willingly accepts his new status, in spite of the bitter protests on behalf of GIOVANNI, Edmond’s son and legitimate heir. The power feels good. He familiarizes with Icore's exec office and the eager, busty blonde secretary PETRA that comes with it. A late night face off between Giovanni and Michel on the De Havilland estate is abruptly interrupted by the kidnapping of ESTHER. Michel is summoned to meet a mysterious, malefic eminence known as THE PRINCE, to whom he will, unfortunately, swear absolute allegiance.


Genres: ThrillerTV series

Producer : William D. WOLF

Directed by : Franco FRANCHINI

Cinematography : Raf CLAES

Editing : Marijan RUBESA

Original Sound Track : Luigi PULCINI


The French Riviera. On a beach in Villefranche-sur-Mer, a down-and-out painter, MICHEL STIEGBERG, becomes privy to the last wishes of a man, EDMOND DE HAVILLAND, the last of the 'Icore' directors. Mortally wounded by a bullet and agonizing, Edmond reveals the existence of a power in this world that surpasses all others: the Secret Art, and implores Michel to promise to pass his signet ring on to his heir.

Tuscany, Italy. As Edmond's envoy, MICHEL travels to Lucignano, only to be rebuked by PADRE FONTANELLA who refuses to reveal anything whatsoever concerning the Secret Art. He is ungraciously rebuffed by the captivating PRINCESS STEFANIA when SCARELLI, the De Havilland family’s notary, convinces him to become the director of Icore and claim all of its assets instead of GIOVANNI, Edmond’s son.

THE PRINCE orchestrates a meeting and orders MICHEL to never alter Icore’s artistic line. He promises him the enchanting Princess Stefania in exchange for absolute obedience. He transmits Michel the psychic power he has over his fellow men, thus transforming the latter into a “Magnificent One”, in the likes of Lorenzo de’ Medici and all the directors of Icore throughout the centuries, each of whom, however, are inflicted with a curse.




Producer and author: William D. Wolf

Director: Franco Franchini

DOP: Raf Claes

1st Camera Assistant: Victor Bryant Harris III

Steadycam Operator: Nicolas Beaugonin

Second Unit Camera Assistant: Gioa Casale

Production Designers: Michele Ricciarini, Simone Serlenga

Costume Designer: Veronica Spadaro

Hair Stylist & Make-up Artist: Silvia Bernardini

Make-up Assistant: Niccolò Gabrielli

Choreographer: Sandra Polvani

Sound Engineer: Lorenzo della Ratta

Editing: Marijan Rubesa, Franco Franchini, William D. Wolf

Sound Editing & Effects: Luigi Pulcini

Original Soundtrack: Luigi Pulcini

Casting USA: Jean-Louis Darville

Casting France and Italy: Hélène Debuire

1st Assistant Director: Xavier Clarke

2nd Assistant Director: Arturo Caciotti

Continuity: Leonardo Biancanelli

Unit Production Manager: Giorgio Vigna

Production Coordinator: Giulia Coccovilli

Production Assistants: Giuliano Mangoni, Sarah Dridi

Production Interns: Elena Armellini, Lola Cano

Chief Gaffer: Stephen Pinkston

Best Boy: Alessandro Piccot

Gaffer Intern: Francesco Rey

Grips: Elvio Caria, Francesco Trichet

Assistant Art Directors: Maurizio Cossu, Ian Cecil Scott, Claudia Sicuranza

Special Visual Effects Supervisor

Oleg Smykalov – Vancouver

Storyboard Artist: Mark Jozef


Laurent Hennequin
Liina Brunelle
Antoine Martin-Sauveur
Giovanni de Havilland
Caroline Bal
Nathalie Pasini
Princesse Stefania
Max Douchin
Alessandro Cremona
Padre Fontanella
Jean-Pierre Le Cloarec
Edmond de Havilland
Chantal Ravalec
Madame Bertrand
Fleur Monharoul
Samuel Charle